Camping and Boating – Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

The P&J of Outdoor Fun

Camping and boating are both fun on there own, but there is nothing better than combining the two. Camping in and of itself can be fun, but it is a hundred times better when you have something to do. With a boat there are a variety of activities that can keep you busy such as fishing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, skiing, etc. Who wants to sit around the camp all day drinking beer (okay, that doesn’t sound too bad)? It’s nice to at least have the option of some sort of activity.

Tent Boat

Tent Boat? Okay, this isn’t what we had in mind exactly….

Finding the Right Tent

Finding the right tent for your trip is just as important as finding the right boat. You want to find an outdoor tent rental company that can provide you with a lot of options with regard to the size and shape of the tent, as you never know how many people you’ll have attending this little trip. Take your time and search their inventory for just the right thing. If you are looking for tent rentals in California, the type of tent you pick will really depend on if you’re in the Northern or Southern part of the state (and of course, how many people you have attending said trip). Southern California usually stays pretty nice if you are near the coast. As you go inland, the temperature can vary greatly, especially if you’re in the desert!

Granted, this is a site about boats, so you’re either on the lake or an ocean. Be sure to find a good looking tent that can handle any weather you are bound to find. Be sure to check the forecast before you take off on your excursion, and be sure to have fun!

Camping on Your Boat

Camping on your boat can be a fun experience. Personally, I prefer to camp on solid ground, but depending on the boat you have it can be a good time. You should try it once, and see if you like it! The main thing to remember is the mosquito repellent, as they love any body of water and you’ll be sleeping on one! There is nothing worse than waking up to a hoard of mosquitoes feasting on you.

And Finally…

Remember camping is all about fun with family and friends. No matter what you’re doing be sure to always do it with a smile!

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Great tips for your next boating trip


Okay it is that time of the season when you get together for that family cruise and boating experience of yours and you want to be sure that this experience supersedes your last one (even though you had a great time on your last trip). Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind;

1. Boat cleanness: Whether it is the regular morning mist or something else that is water based, You might want to wipe out that distilled dew off your boat so as to retain a spotless vessel. If you are also interested in having your boat give you an extra shine and want to wax it, please be sure to take off the previous wax used before applying something new This is going to give your boat a distinct and almost mirror-like shine. If you also want to go green, You are very free to use white vinegar as this removes molds…kills them actually

2. Boat Painting: By now you must have done a good job cleaning up your boat and prepping it for the paint job. keep these few tricks or tips in mind when it comes to painting; If you intend to use anti-foul paint, be sure to invert the can over the night so that the solid portion of the paint can liquefy into solution by morning for your paint job. If you also want to use a paint can and you have concerns about the seal of the can, you can create holes in a N-S-E-W pattern on the paint can rim. This gives the lid better sealing and allows the paint to drain back into the can after opening it

3. Boat safety Tips; As you prepare for your trip, be sure to avoid or eliminate completely free-play on the hydraulic steering by adding fluid to the helm pump. check your belts for the right tension and make sure there are no cracks and glazing also is absent. These duo are sure to wreck havoc. As much as your engineering skills might be elementary, please be sure to check the exhaust system. Check the fasteners, plumbing and all necessary supports (get a professional to do this) to ensure there are no cases of poisoning from carbon monoxide and more importantly to prevent sinking. Finally if you intend to make a long haul, use some liquid soap on the boat. This will make sure that the possible grits and bugs you pick up along the way are easy to get off.

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5 Great Recreational Advice for Beginners


Are you starting a new hobby? Are you getting into sports? Are you trying out new things but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. The key is to be positive and a little adventurous, starting new things can be a little nerve-wracking but if it makes you happy and fulfilled then trust that it will all work out in your favor. Here are 5 tips when starting out a new recreational activity or sport.

1. Know your community. Find out where the Fishing Group meets. Go to your local community center and look up on how you can join the chess, book or knitting club. Go on the Internet search for a community that suits your tastes and interests. Whatever your hobby is know that there are people out there who like the same things as you and have even established organizations for it!

2. Get your gear on Needles and patchwork, hunting outfits and bookmarks these things all have one thing in common: they are the tools for your recreation, your pen and sword to the hobby wars plus they make you look serious and professional plus looking well-made in front of other enthusiasts will increase your reputation among members. Don’t leave without them!

3. Meet acquaintances, make friends. A majority of hobbyists join groups to share their interests with like-minded people. You don’t have to make friends but it won’t be as much fun if you don’t go out on your own hunting trips or establish a writing partner. It’s going to help you expand your social circles too and meet professionals in the field just be careful about “stranger danger” though and watch out for clubs that demand high fees.

4. Know what you want. Did you start collecting stamps for fun or as a side income? Did you start learning hockey tofulfill your father’s wishes? Whatever it is starting new activities with a goal in mind helps decrease the stress of starting something new Keep a journal, start a blog– keeping track of your progress and experiences will help for future reference.

5. Keep track of your expenses. If you’re starting an expensive recreational activity keep track of how much you’re spending for it, after all if it’s a hobby it shouldn’t cost more than your full-time job. You can spend for it definitely but make sure it’s something within your budget and it doesn’t affect major financial decisions especially if you have family or partner.

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