At FITUR this year, the Ministry of Agriculture will promote the high quality of Spanish fruit and vegetables as well as the Countryside Trails Network

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With a stand of some 200 m2, it will advertise its #alimentosdespaña (foods of Spain) technique, under the banner ‘THE WORLD’S A LOT OF ABUNDANT NATION’

The Ministry will certainly provide the progress made on the promotion of biking as component of the roll-out of the State Cycling Approach

Madrid, 26 April 2021 – The Ministry of Farming, Fisheries and Food will certainly promote the high quality of Spanish agri-foodstuffs and also fishery items, as well as the Countryside Trails Network at FITUR. This year’s involvement, at a stand of some 200 m2, will certainly note the Ministry’s 6th successive year at the International Tourist Fair, which is holding its ‘Unique Tourist Recovery’ show from 19 to 23 May at Feria de Madrid. The Ministry also wishes its engagement will help increase the return to in person meetings amongst specialists from the global tourism market.

At the Ministry’s stand in Pavilion 9 of the exhibit centre, the Directorate General for Rural Growth, Advancement and also Agri-foodstuff Training and the Directorate General for the Food Market will both promote the quality of Spanish agri-foodstuffs and fishery items and also support their usage, as well as publicising the Countryside Trails Network, all within the framework of tourist.

The Ministry will provide its #alimentosdespaña (foods of Spain) strategy, under the banner ‘THE GLOBE’S THE MAJORITY OF ABUNDANT COUNTRY’. ‘This brand-new campaign, featuring leading chef José Andrés, has actually been created as an umbrella idea to harness the impact required for #alimentosdespaña, enhancing its significance and also making a straight link between customers as well as all our food-producing industries: agriculture, livestock farming and angling. The goal is to advertise the high quality and also encourage the usage of our produce, providing a proud and positive sight of our foodstuffs’, according to the Ministry.

Countryside Routes Network

Spain’s Countryside Trails Network will once again be represented at the Ministry’s stand at FITUR. As well as giving details on several of the public’s favourite routes, the Ministry will provide the various promotion campaigns it has actually been conducting to advertise the network. It will also reveal the progression made in assisting improve biking within Spain as component of the execution of the State Biking Approach, run by the Ministry of Transport, Movement and Urban Agenda, in addition to the jobs being undertaken to convert Countryside Trails into areas which are much more user-friendly, appropriate as well as safe for all people, as well as to promote using these routes with the best accessibility feasible.

The Countryside Trails Network has two clear purposes: to start with, to advertise country, environmental and cultural tourism, offering users brand-new opportunities for environmentally friendly residential and recreation tourist, as well as second of all, to improve the socio-economic advancement of backwoods.

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