Inamori Structure Announces 2021 Kyoto Prize Laureates

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$907K Honors Honor Rockefeller University Professor Robert G. Roeder; Tsinghua College Dean Andrew Chi-Chih Yao; Paris Institute Teacher Emeritus Bruno Latour KYOTO, Japan– The Inamori Foundation today announced the 2021 receivers of its Kyoto Reward, Japan’s greatest personal award for worldwide success, in the groups of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and also Arts and Ideology. See complete information at:

Each laureate will get a diploma, a 20-karat gold medal, as well as a monetary award of 100 million yen (about US$ 907,000) this autumn. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 laureates will not assemble personally for typical Kyoto Prize events in Japan, however will certainly give celebratory lectures online. They are expected to convene in March 2022 for the 21st yearly Kyoto Prize Seminar in San Diego, Calif., and also in May 2022 for the Kyoto Prize at Oxford events in Oxford, UK.

The 2021 Kyoto Prize Laureates

In Advanced Technology, the 2021 Kyoto Reward laureate is Computer Researcher Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Ph.D., Dean of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Info Sciences at Tsinghua University. Dr. Yao created brand-new trends in computer technology as well as made an excellent payment to sophisticated study in varied locations, consisting of safety, safe computing, and quantum computation, by developing ingenious essential theories for calculation and communication. His success remain to affect current real-world difficulties in such locations as protection, protected computing, and big data processing.

In Basic Sciences, the 2021 Kyoto Prize laureate is Biochemist and Molecular Biologist Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D., Arnold and also Mabel Beckman Professor of Biochemistry And Biology and also Molecular Biology at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Roeder has actually disclosed the concept of the regulatory device of gene transcription in eukaryotes via more than 50 years of study, by recognizing the functions of a series of elements– consisting of three distinct RNA polymerases, fundamental transcription variables, one of the initial gene-specific factors, and also regulatory authorities in transcription from chromatin. With his accomplishments, he has made significant payments to the advancement of the life sciences.

In Arts as well as Viewpoint, the 2021 Kyoto Prize laureate is Philosopher Bruno Latour, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Dr. Latour has transformed the conventional sight of science by dealing with nature, humans, lab equipment, and also other entities as equal actors, and also describing technoscience as the hybrid network of these stars. In re-examining “modernity” based on the dualism of nature and culture, Dr. Latour’s ideology has actually come to be significant throughout techniques, involving multifaceted tasks consisting of propositions connecting to global ecological issues.

About the Inamori Foundation and also the Kyoto Prize

The Kyoto Prize is a global award bestowed by the non-profit Inamori Structure to recognize those that have contributed substantially to the clinical, cultural, and also spiritual betterment of humankind. The Structure was established in 1984 by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, owner as well as chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corporation; creator as well as honorary consultant to KDDI Corporation; and also chairman emeritus and honorary adviser to Japan Airlines. Inamori developed the Kyoto Reward in line with his idea that people have no greater calling than to pursue the greater good of society, and that the future of mankind can be ensured only when there is a balance between our clinical progression and also our spiritual depth.

Counting the 2021 receivers, the reward has recognized 115 laureates worldwide– 114 individuals and one team (the Nobel Structure). Individual laureates range from scientists, engineers as well as scientists to philosophers, painters, architects, sculptors, musicians and also film supervisors. More details can be found athttps://

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