Taiwan’s biggest kids’s arts education organization Otto2 Imaginative Aesthetic appeal opens Hong Kong campus Enlighten youngsters’s fundamental creativity

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(Hong Kong, 20th April 2021)Taiwan’s largest children’s arts education institution-Otto2 Creative Aesthetics opens a school at One Island South in Hong Kong, bringing remarkable art discovering experiences to Hong Kong pupils. Otto2 integrates distinct visual creative thinking through the 6 learning instructions as well as communication methods in art: picture formation, songs transmission, imaginative story, body language, aesthetic art, as well as art society, permitting children to reveal their creative thinking, feelings and also develop their self-confidence. To celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of the Otto2 Artistic Visual appeals establishment, Otto2 Art (HK) Campus as well as The Head Office of Otto2 Art in Greater China will certainly co-host a cross-strait project of the ‘PICASSO International Young People Art Competition’. Exceptional Hong Kong art pupils will be suggested and sent out to join this competition. Student victors will get an opportunity to show their artworks along with the Picasso’s at the exhibition.

Respect every kid’s unique individuality as well as creativity
Every kid’s creativity is priceless as well as special. Otto2’s ideology respects every kid’s special personality, which is various from the cookie-cutter version commonly methods in Hong Kong and China, which only meets moms and dads’ satisfaction. The founder of Otto2 Artistic Aesthetics, Ms. Anny Chan, a mommy of an attention deficit disorder boy with instructional curriculum planning history, believes that education and learning can not be just based upon ratings and also assessments. She pointed out that making children undesirable throughout the lessons will certainly create finding out barriers and also prevent them from developing their skills. To develop a pleased atmosphere, and also to open their inherited potential and limitless creativity is her education and learning ideology. In her idea, children need to express their views with game participation, experiential discovering, self-explorations, and creations. Let them feel the pleasure of learning and enhance their self-esteem with creative thinking.

Extremely Suggested by many celebs
Mr. Kaifu Lee, an artificial intelligence professional, explained that Otto2 teaches children to find out self-appreciation, having the nerve to express their viewpoint, unlocking their creativity. In addition, one of the most important is to motivate youngsters to take pleasure in discovering, such thinking as well as inspiring learning will certainly be impactful to their whole life. Mr. Jung-Ya Hsieh, among one of the most reputable Chinese industrial designers, pointed out that Otto2 Artistic Aesthetics has actually been enlightening countless kids as well as contributing a lot to visual jobs in the cross-strait regions.

PICASSO International Young People Art Competition
To celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of the establishment of Otto2 Artistic Visual appeals and also the opening school in Hong Kong One Island South, Otto2 Art (HK) Campus as well as The Head Office of Otto2 Art in Greater China will co-host a ‘PICASSO International Youth Art Competitors’. This competitors prompts kids from the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to use their creative imaginations and also commemorate the Spanish artist Picasso.

In the meanwhile, impressive Hong Kong art trainees will be advised as well as sent to take part in this competitors. Winners will receive an opportunity to display their artworks along with Picasso’s at the event. The certifications and also honors of this competition to be provided by the China-France Culture as well as Art Exchange Organization as well as other occasion coordinators.

PICASSO International Young People Art Competitors– Timeline
15 March– 15 June 2021Enrollment
15 July 2021Announcement of Final Round
15 July– 1 September 2021Enrollment for Last Competition
1 October– 15 October 2021 PICASSO International Young People Art Exhibit
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Otto2 Art (HK) School
Site: https://www.dadimandarin.com/otto-2-art!.?.!Address: Store 102, 1/F, One Island South, Wong Chuk Hang
, Hong Kong Tel: 2110-1927 About Otto2 Imaginative Aesthetics The Otto2 Art program allows kids to naturally run into life visual appeals, experience creative thinking as well as the delight of discovering art. Combine production, ideas, art appreciation, outside society, and also various other activities to encourage kids’s painting creation; utilize a complete knowing system to gradually grow children’s visual knowledge and also build self-esteem via the art production procedure. Regarding Otto2 Art(HK)Campus Otto2 Art by Dadi Mandarin chinese is a full art-based educational program.

Otto2 has a tried and tested approach with over twenty years of experience enlightening youngsters through imaginative ideas. It is not simply an art class, it is a social, informing, innovative, and learning area. Otto2 youngsters train for a certain future inspired by imagination. COMPLETION The press release is dispatched by CorpSumer Communications in behalf of Otto2 Art(HK)School.

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